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The purpose of the Warehouse is to connect people 50 years and older, who want to make changes in life, with providers/suppliers that are able to make their wishes come true. The Warehouse is an exciting innovation, responding to the need of the ever growing older generations who want to embark on new paths in life in one way or another.
Tilgangur vöruhússins er að tengja fólk, 50 ára og eldra, sem vilja gera breytingar á lífi sínu, við þjónustuveitendur/birgja sem geta látið óskir þeirra rætast. Vöruhúsið er spennandi nýjung sem svarar kalli sífellt stækkandi hóps fólks sem komið er yfir miðjan aldur og vill feta nýjar slóðir í lífinu á einn eða annan hátt.


The warehouse is structured like a real-life warehouse with its racks and shelves, but here they are on-line. Racks represent the six main categories of products found on their shelves. The contents of the racks (the shelves) can be found by clicking the Opportunities section in the menu bar or by selecting from one of the six boxes further down on the front page. It is also possible to find products using the search function below the red ribbon on the front page by entering keywords relevant to your interest and the given selection criteria. For more detailed information, see Users guide.

The Warehouse origin – The BALL concept

The Warehouse is developed in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations developed in the BALL project , recommending Being Active through Lifelong Learning as the road towards a Dynamic Third Age.

These guidelines are:These guidelines are:

• Prepare for your years after fifty.

• Prepare early, do not wait for your retirement.

• Remember that  people your age are a great resource for society.

• Define your interests, dreams, wishes.

• Identify your strengths and  weaknesses.

• Seek interesting opportunities outside your normal sphere of life,

• Find your own way forward to cultivate your interests and live your dreams

• Seek assistance if you feel the need.

• The BALL Warehouse of Opportunities  may provide answers to your ideas