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Why a European Warehouse

The European Warehouse is an answer to those wondering how to spend their  years after 50 looking for new opportunities to fulfill their dreams, needs and wishes. There are thousands of opportunities for you, we picked the best ones –  just keep searching and never lose the interest to try something new. The European Warehouse provides a chance to do so by presenting opportunities to embark on new paths, let old dreams come true, find new ones and make life after 50 more fulfilling!


The non-profit organization U3A Reykjavik, University of the Third Age, is responsible for the webpage of the European Warehouse. U3A Reykjavík, Iceland, is an association of people in their third age, the years after fifty. U3A Reykjavik offers various forms of informal learning and dissemination of knowledge while at the same time participating in research and international cooperation. More information about  the Association and its
activities is found on http://www.u3a.is


The European Warehouse of Opportunities is run under the auspices of  U3A Reykjavik and is governed by the board of U3A Reykjavik, There will also be national warehouses in Iceland, Lithuania and United Kingdom which will be operated and run locally. An international coordinating committee is responsible for the coordination of all the Warehouses where each of them will have a representative in the committee. This coordinating committee defines and oversees  the general  rules and principles for the Warehouses operation.


In the Warehouse operation, quality routines and ethical principles will be followed to ensure that the information about opportunities offered in the Warehouse is accurate and reliable. The sources and suppliers of information will be checked and validated, checking its objectivity, whether it is up to date, and as far as possible the risks for harmful viruses and malware.


These quality principles are set to ensure that the information on opportunities in the Warehouse is trustworthy.