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History: BALL and Catch the BALL projects

The BALL-project (Be Active through Lifelong Learning),  was defined and carried out to investigate how best to plan and implement preparations as to make the most and best use of the possibilities that may lie ahead in the latter part of  life and for retirement


The idea of BALL, Being  Active through Lifelong Learning, was born through the strategy development within the young organization U3A Reykjavík, The University of the Third Age in 2013.


The project idea aimed at developing guidelines and recommendations for early preparations for a dynamic third age.


The idea was developed into a cooperative European project involving three U3A organizations, U3A Reykavik, UPUA in Alicante, Spain and LUTW in Lublin, Poland. The project management was taken on by the company Evris Foundation in Reykjavik.


Financial support  was seeked through the European Union in spring 2014. It passed the evaluation with flying colours and received support from the Erasmus+ program, department for adult  learning and started in September 2014.


After successful cooperative research and development work, the resulting BALL guidelines and recommendations were published in the book Towards a Dynamic Third Age in September 2016.The book and a few interim research reports are available and can be downloaded  at the project website www.ball-project.eu








The BALL guidelines have been disseminated all over the world and have been very well received. The BALL project received the Erasmus+ quality award in the field of adult education in November 2016


The Warehouse of Opportunities was an important part of the BALLrecommendations.


The Catch the BALL project was defined and prepared in 2016 with the aim of realizing and implementing the BALL guidelines and recommendations. Catching the BALL, and to get it rolling on, so to speak


The Catch the BALL project received continued support from the Erasmus+ program and started in December 2017. This time new partner joined the Icelandic BALL partners, U3A Reykjavik and Evris Foundation. These partners are Kaunas STP, Kaunas Science and Technology Park in Kaunas, Lithuania and MBM, Training  and Development Center in Liverpool, UK


The Catch the BALL project implemented two of the three BALL recommendations available at the end of project in June 2018.
Firstly, the Personal Development Academy, as a course program for training trainers for instructing and assisting  people who want to identify their strengts, need and dreams when preparing for a *dynamic third age”..


The Warehouse of Opportunities was developed to help people to a selection of opportunities to Create a Dynamic Third Age.


The Warehouse is a European Warehouse with connections to the national Warehouse operating in the partner countries.


All these warehouses will hopefully be sustainable and serve their purpose. It is specifically  intended that other national warehouses may be developed and linked to this present group.


Further information on the projects and their results are found at the websites www.ball-project.eu and www.catchtheball.eu.