The  Awards Ceremony for the SilverEco and Ageing Well International Awards – Tokyo Edition will take place June 13th 2019. The Awards are given for worldwide products, solutions, services, innovations and best practices in the field of Ageing Well. Companies, non-profit organizations, foundations, NGOs, government agencies leading a project, a solution, a product or a service Ageing Well related, are eligible to be a candidate for the awards. The deadline for the applications for the awards is 15th of April 2019. Applications are to be sent to http://www.silvereco.org/awards/contact/


SilverEco and Ageing Well International, an international portal of Silver Economy, was founded in 2007 as to provide high quality content for professionals, institutions, users and caregivers in need of information about ageing well and the demographic transitions taken place in the world. The transitions shows that the population is getting older. For further information, please see the press release:  http://www.silvereco.org/awards/wp-content/medias/2018/11/Press-release-SilverEco-and-Ageing-Well-Tokyo-Edition-.pdf or go to the webpage of SilverEco and Aging Well http://www.silvereco.org/awards/


The former Chairman of U3A Reykjavik, Hans Kristján Guðmundsson, is one of the honored member of the jury that will evaluate the candidates applying for the awards along with other international specialists on ageing well.




Published on April 1st 2019