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User’s Guide


Our first visitor was Anne, who wanted to spend her afternoons doing something beneficial for herself and her local community. She wanted to do something interesting also, yet she was not sure what to start with. Her daughter Justine sent her a link and gave a piece of advice to look for new possibilities at the Warehouse of Opportunities.


As she opened the website, she found herself in the European Warehouse. She could go to any of the national warehouse by selecting a warehouse from the drop -down list “Select a Warehouse” in the uppermost line of the front page. She could go from this list to any of the listed warehouse and back.


In the Menu bar Anne clicked on the section “Opportunities” and the six racks, representing the six main categories of products found on their shelves, appeared in the drop-down list. The main themes of opportunites presented in the racks are: Life Fulfillment, New Career, Skills, Start a Business, Your Money and Your Rights. Anne clicked on “New Career” as it seemed most relevant to her.


She saw neatly sorted group of useful links, redirecting to the relevant web page. On the top of the page she read a short introduction, which helped to realize what kind of activities and resources are available here. Anne chose “VOLUNTEERING”. There were some products inside – Anne clicked on them and was redirected to the pages that seemed to provide the most attractive opportunities for her to spend afternoons helping the inhabitants of her town!


Anne wanted to browse to the website later so she wanted her browsing history to leave a footprint so that it would be easier next time to navigate to the opportunities she had not visited. Anne registered at the Warehouse of Opportunities platform by clicking “REGISTER” and entering her basic information. After few seconds she received an email confirming that she has joined the group of registered users of the platform.


If you already know what kind of opportunities are interesting, try direct search function. On the front page, just below the menu bar, slogan and questions, there is a search bar. Just type inside it your keyword of the topic which interests you, choose from the given selection criteria and click on the “SEARCH” button. After a few seconds you will see the most relevant shelves with products covering what you are looking for.


Interested in finding out more? It can be an online studies platform, involving psychological texts about communication issues between people or tips how to start a business in your native surroundings.

Let’s start from registration!